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Quality and Accessibility Policy

Quality and Accessibility Policy

In a privileged enclave and environment, with natural resources, our mineral-medicinal waters declared of public utility, the Human Team of La Virgen and Castro do Balneario Hotels, and Forniños Spa with the aim of providing our clients:

The improvement or maintenance of their health
Gaining confidence in our company and its workers
Creating an accessible and sustainable environment and facilities
Fully realizing their expectations, achieving their loyalty and loyalty
They have implemented a Quality and Accessibility Management System based on the following principles:

Quality and accessibility as a habit, taking care of all the details to offer our clients the highest quality, guarantee, safety, and confidence, with a strong commitment to continuous improvement, and with a personalized and professional, but at the same time, a familiar relationship.
The commitment to comply with DALCO criteria (Deambulation, Apprehension, Location, and Communication) in the built environment and other good practice measures that Termas de Cuntis subscribes to and are applicable to the improvement of universal accessibility, as well as all legal and regulatory requirements and the Quality and Accessibility Management System.
The continuous analysis of all the information provided by our clients and workers for translation into service and work environment improvements.
The commitment that the hiring and promotion of our workers is carried out according to equality criteria.
Respect for the environment, through sustainable development, based on responsible exploitation in terms of quantity and quality of our mineral-medicinal waters; sustainable purchasing policies, efficient and rational use of water and energy, in order to minimize environmental impact.
Promoting quality and accessibility management to all staff, at all levels, and in all processes of the Organization, as well as promoting responsible behavior from universal accessibility and involving stakeholders (clients, workers, …).
Being leaders and innovators in thermalism, promoting gender equality, and promoting the integration of disabled people.
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