El CIRCUITO LÚDICO-TERMAL ACQUAFORM PERMANECERÁ ABIERTO: LUNES A DOMINGO: 10:00 -13:30 Y DE 16:00-21:30 HORAS*** RECOMENDAMOS LA COMPRA ONLINE DE LAS ENTRADAS AL ACQUAFORM, PARA GARANTIZARSE EL ACCESO A LAS INSTALACIONES *** La piscina exterior permanecerá cerrada un día al mes, por labores de mantenimiento.La instalación permanecerá cerrada el último lunes de cada mes, por labores de mantenimiento.Para más información, contacten con la instalación.


Discover the amazing Acquaform

A leisure-thermal circuit that allows you to combine the therapeutic benefits of Cuntis' waters with an authentic treat for the senses, where you can enjoy swimming with family or friends, relieve muscle tension with jets and neck showers, relax while lying on a massage bed, or eliminate toxins in our various saunas.The water used in our facilities is 100% mineral-medicinal.

Reg. Sanitario C-36-000449


The passes are for a maximum of 3 hours of stay and grant access to the thermal pools both indoor and outdoor:

Counterflow area

Massage jets for back and feet


Swan necks

Massage beds




Ice cabin

Resting room

To access the Acquaform, it is mandatory:

The use of a swimming cap.

The use of non-slip sandals (closed-toe recommended).

The use of a swimsuit in communal areas.

Towel Rental: €2
Sale of Caps and Sandals

The outdoor pool will remain closed one day a month for maintenance.

The facility will be closed on the last Monday of each month for maintenance.

For more information, please contact the facility.

Children at Termas de Cuntis

Bringing your little ones? Don't worry, we've thought of them to make your stay perfect.


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